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Frequently Asked

Can I bring a friend, husband, mum etc. along?

Yes, why not! You are always most welcome to bring someone along, if that makes your experience more enjoyable. Sometimes it can be beneficial to go alone, since I am an impartial person to you, so it can be easier to open up and be more honest about what kind of clothing you are wishing to use.

What stores will we visit

What stores we visit, is preplanned by me in advance. I will take your style and budget into consideration and pick relevant stores that fit your criterias beforehand.

How does wardrobe check online work? Will it be as efficient as wardrobe check in person?
Wardrobe check online can be done in Skype or Zoom on video call.Yes, absolutely result will be the same, no matter if you choose to work online or in person.
How much money do I need for a shopping ?
The shopping budget is set up individually, we work with brands that are suitable for client’s style and planned expenses.
Why do I need a stylist?

Your stylist will not just tell you how to dress, but will help to express yourself by creating the right image to achieve your life goals.Styling is not about closing, it is about finding the right way to express yourself.

I have never worked with a stylist, having doubts. What is your approach?

I have individual approach for every client, I am taking my time to analyse your personality, lifestyle and preferences.I will offer you new style that will reflect your personality and lifestyle.I believe that nowadays working with a stylist is a must for every woman, who values her time, finances and takes care of herself. You will get great experience!

Want to work with stylist, but where to start?
I recommend to start from a Consultation, where you can get a basic overview of my approach and get answers for the most common questions.
I hate shopping and don’t have time to use in a shopping centre.How to make it faster?
Shopping guides usually take 2-4 hours, depends own your request.You won’t need to walk around and search, I will find everything prior. You just need to follow me, try on and buy. Easy as it gets.
Do you only work in Copenhagen?

I have developed online services, that allows me to work with clients from all over the world. I fluently speak English, Russian & Ukrainian, so if you are not from Denmark don’t hesitate and contact.